Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hell Week (short)

Title: Hell Week (short)
Director: Patrick Rea
Writer: Michelle Davidson
Reviewed by: Char Hardin
 (1-5): 4
Category: Short-Drama

“A little hazing never hurt anybody.”

It’s HELL WEEK for the pledges of the Alpha Fraternity. A fraternity bet leads Luke to a more than he bargained for place. Tied to a chair in the sorority house of Delta Delta Pi, Luke comes face-to-face with the women, he bet, he could have sex with each of them. Only he didn’t count on the loss of their virginity driving the girls over the edge.
While his brothers continue hazing across campus, Luke is subjected to a little torture by the Delta Delta Pi girls. Three left to themselves for the weekend girls, who decide to pay Luke back, for what they lost to his little bet. Their torture is teasing him and prancing before him and it’s when they bring out the paddle, that he realizes, he has to get free. He resorts to using his charm and becomes further ensnared in his web of his deceit.
The ending of this little film is a SMASH-A-ROO! If a man is to learn one thing from watching HELLWEEK, it would be this…Don’t take a bet to deflower a Sorority Sister and expect her to fall at your feet and thank you for it. Especially when she finds out it was a bet to get into a fraternity. And if you think that pouring on the charm, will get you out of the hot seat…refer to this film and see how far it got Luke. Hell Week is 4/5. A dark look from the female point of view on hazing, thank you Michelle Davidson for the story and Patrick Rea for getting her point across on film.

Patrick Rea on IMDb.com: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1408696/

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  1. agree, Hell Week is just awesome. One of Rea's best films so far.

    Check out my review:

    Greetz, Maynard