Thursday, September 22, 2011

Short-Film Review...Dana Buning "ZEKE"

Title: ZEKE
Written & Directed: Dana Buning
Produced: Matt Olmon
Starring: Tuna & Luna (ZEKE), David Perez-Ribada, Will Bigham and John P. Kelly
Reviewed by: Char Hardin
(1-5): 4
Category: Short-Comedy
Bleedfest 9-25-11

Snip, Snip

Usually I like to write my comments after the synopsis, but I can’t wait. I loved ZEKE! That is a lot coming from me, as I am HIGHLY allergic to cats and have not had good episodes with cats. All that aside, I loved ZEKE. It was the ultimate revenge story, except this time the Cat was the one serving up a wicked plate of REVENGE!

Joe took his older cat, ZEKE to be neutered, the horrors as the viewer finds out, ZEKE was an older cat and not a young one. The vet tech explained to Joe, that there might be hurt feelings from ZEKE, but to be expected. Joe looked all remorseful and asked if the tech thought ZEKE would miss his jewels, “Wouldn’t you?” Joe reaches out to his beloved pet only to get nipped and hissed at. Zeke was not in a forgiving mood.

Once home, Zeke’s behavior is odd and unsettling, he has not forgiven Joe and had actually started to creep Joe out, in some ways.  Joe thought, maybe Zeke was missing his “balls”  and needed a little distraction, so he went to the pet supplies store and bought all sorts of toys, thinking he would pacify ZEKE, until his feelings returned to happy cat. WELL, my friends…it didn’t work.

ZEKE seized several opportunities to use the new toys and he struck back at Joe with a vengeance that was truly remarkable for a cat and quite funny in a dark twisted way. At one point Joe woke up to see ZEKE under his covers headed for his groin area and screamed and pushed the covers back to reveal a pair of scissors aimed at his crotch. Joe jumped up off the bed, and dropped his briefs to check, that his balls were still attached. HA-HA, a riot for sure! Later, ZEKE got creative with his play balls and lassoed Joe…then a gun went off … Joe shot his foot. I am telling you all, THIS was a funny short. I laughed the whole way thru! The ending was a blow-out and the final quote from Joe, “You don’t have the balls”.

Maybe not…but he got his point across nicely!

Dana Buning the filmmaker who created and directed ZEKE was referred to me by Elisabeth Fies of Bleedfest. Thank you, Elisabeth, for an afternoon of revenge and giggles. ZEKE was good. My only complaint, there were a couple of scenes where Joe was talking the audio wasn’t in sync. Other than that, I really liked ZEKE and wish it the best Sunday, the 25th at BLEEDFEST in California. IF you are going to the festival then, most definitely do not miss ZEKE! He is a charmer for sure!

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  1. September is a special BleedFest rescreening of Dana Buning's already won the AUDIENCE AWARD in June! :)