Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mold! (2009)

Title: MOLD!
Directed by: Neil Meschino
Written by: Dave Fogerson, Neil Meschino
Starring: Ardis Campbell, Robert Fattorini and Chris Gentle
Reviewed by: Char Hardin


MOLD takes place during the year 1984, at the height of the War on Drugs. The opening scene shows former President Ronald Reagan addressing the nation about the drug problem in the United States. Do not be afraid, for the government has developed a secret weapon! A weapon of epic proportions, Stacky Mort is a special strain of mold which was created to destroy the coca fields of Columbia and end the war on drugs. IF one is to believe this propaganda then we are all screwed!


During a show and tell with a congressman and colonel representing the military the mold is accidentally unleashed and within minutes the toxic mold latches on, to this silly humans and it’s every man or woman for themselves as they scramble to escape with their lives hanging in the balance of somewhere between futile and freedom.

I spent this past weekend watching MOLD and have to say I enjoyed it. It’s a quirky little film; that just oozes with an abundance of green slime and a struggle to stay alive. The main characters consisted of doctors who created the mold and the military heavy sent to observe the mold in an experiment. The special effects were gory good! I have to say, although a little on the cheesy side, there was a scene, where one of the characters becomes infected and ingests control agent (antidote) orally. The result is a fatal miscalculation that ends with an exploding stomach, which rained blood and guts onto the others. Freaking cool!

Remember the show YOU CAN’T DO THAT ON TELEVISION on Nickelodeon, where the cast at anytime could be slimed with thick lime-green slime? Well, MOLD has a slime scene that will leave you gasping. That green shit went everywhere like a volcano erupted in a tiny room. Even Dr. Matthew Kane whined, “I got it in my mouth!” It looked freaking disgusting and I can’t imagine it tasted much better.

One of the few things, that didn’t go over well with me, was the over the top description of what the mold was and how it works. It almost became like a lecture in science class and other than pop quizzes in high school, I detested…lectures.

The other thing was an early scene with the congressman. He was in the bathroom. The scene was a little too goofy. I understood the ironic nature and of what he was doing in there, but the unleashing of his trouser snake was a tad too much for this reviewer.

Minor issues aside, MOLD is the type of movie I would expect to watch on the Sy-Fy channel on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a friend. It was funny and there was one line that cracked me up and it was my favorite. Dr. Matthew Kane (Ricky Haymes) yells at the Colonel (Edward X. Young), “If you broke my glasses, I’m going to FUCK YOU UP!” When you see the movie and Dr. Kane, it is hard to imagine him bullying anyone.

It is my opinion that MOLD be watched with tongue in cheek. It was funny, but it had some serious tones. How you take the tones, depends on the viewer. For me, I saw quite a bit of humor in the movie. I would recommend renting this movie and give MOLD a 6. This movie was un-rated, so beware of violence, colorful language and more slime than you can shake a stick at.

      6/28/11   Neil is correct..."MOLD...IT GROWS ON YOU!"

MOLD has that rewatchable quality to it and last night I watched it again, while drinking a green slushie. Opinion has not's still quirky, entertaining, funny as all get out and I still do not like the TROUSER SNAKE scene...however if it had been a younger one...I would say OH YEAH!   For what's going on with MOLD and NEIL MESCHINO...look for him on Facebook.

“I got it in my mouth!”

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

Director: John Pogue
Writers: John Pogue  and John Erick Dowdle
Stars: George Back, Andrew Benator and Jason Benjamin
Release Date: June 2011
Rating: R for bloody horror violence, terror, language, and brief sexual content
Reviewer: Char Hardin

Trans Sky Air Flight 318 a passenger plan  manned by a Captain, co-pilot and two stewardesses on a routine flight leaves LAX on a routine night time flight. A passenger on his laptop with BREAKING NEWS somewhere in downtown Los Angeles. Surrounded by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the police an apartment building is under QUARANTINE. Stewardess inquires and the passenger makes small talk and joke. Not long after the plane is up in the air, one of the passengers becomes violently ill and becomes increasingly agitated as he is begins puking his guts out and it is at this time a familiar terror of the horror community rears its ugly head...SEQUEL...Welcome to TERROR IN THE SKIES QUARANTINE 2 : TERMINAL.

It's rare that a sequel comes along, that nearly outshines its' predecessor, but for ME, QUARANTINE 2 does just that. The first movie QUARANTINE was the American version of the Spanish film REC, when news of the sequel became known, fans assumed that it would be a scene-for-scene knock-off's NOT!  QUARANTINE 2 picks up not exactly where the QUARANTINE left off, but as it is going on. The mystery infection manages to get on board Flight 318 and it's the same symptoms that lead to the rabid infected, foaming-at-the-mouth, blood lusting killers, which will do anything for a bite to eat.

The movie was fast paced, with the nature of the infection, it spreads like wild fire and the incidents are actually, less than stellar, as far as the kills in QUARANTINE or paled in comparison of REC. QUARANTINE 2 is scheduled to be shown in select cities, instead of going straight to DVD, as many horror sequels do. I checked and QUARANTINE 2 is not playing in our theatre, much to the horror buffs disappointment. Having viewed QUARANTINE 2, I have a feeling that it will be quite popular, once it does go to DVD, especially in cities that have horror starved fans.

Another element missing, for me was the gore factor. The scenes with the biting and attacking by the infected were fast and not very graphic. In comparison to QUARANTINE and REC, this movie was far from gory. I wouldn't say it suffers, because there are limited amounts of gore, it is just noticed. There was one kill that was not overly bloody, but when the "Doc" character stands up , the characters open mouths weren't the only ones that dropped open. I kind of thought it was funny. Like don't count an old man out, just because, he has Parkinson’s Disease.

Overall, I thought QUARANTINE 2 TEREMINAL was a real good movie. It is one I would recommend, you add to your Horror DVD collection. If nothing more, but to watch back-to-back with QUARANTINE. 7.5/10

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dead Genesis ( 2010 )


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"The War on Dead Begins!"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 5 Films 2011

Char Hardin’s Top 5 Films So Far for 2011 

5. Stake Land 8/10
I was expecting another goofy Zombie Land, not expecting a tightly woven tale, steeped in heartache, told from point of view of a teenager. Martin’s family was killed and his normal way of life stolen by an Apocalyptic Plague.

 I felt at times it was drawn out, but I hung with it and liked the ending.  Danielle Harris played a small role, I thought, at first, it was a departure from her typical bland scream-o roles and then bam…she got nailed and screamed and ...  (no spoilers...but not hard to figure out).

 Stake Land Vampires were not your “Sparkle” in Daylight Vamps, these were scarier, than the 30 Days of Night Vamps and they growled like animals…overall Great Vampire movie!

4. If a Tree Falls 8.5/10
There are hundreds of Road Trip movies where, friends end up running for their lives, in the woods from something or someone.

 If a Tree Falls is no different, except, I LOVED IT! Road Trip leads to camping in the woods and running for their lives is a little hard, when they are tied up and being tortured by a gang of Nylon Masked men and women for their own sick pleasure. The ending was my favorite.

The kills were bloody and the ending leaves one hell of a question mark. At times, throughout the torment, questions abound, that seemingly go unanswered. It made sense to me, because I questioned the writer. Who assured me, the sequel will fill in the blanks. I enjoyed the characters and the actors who played them. Looking forward to the sequel. Write faster Ry!

3. Mother’s Day 8.75/10
 Rebecca De Mornay, she is phenomenal, as the insanely protective Mother in Mother’s Day. She plays nutty very well. I loved her in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle another psycho role. She just nailed it with her sweet smile and razor sharp  wit. Like most mothers, when their children make a mess, it’s always left up to Mother, to come along behind them and clean it up. Whether it is spilled milk, a broken dish or Murder, a woman’s work is never done.  

2. Insidious 9/10
James Wan has made a movie that brought horror fans out in legions, to the theatres to see Insidious.  It was SOLD OUT for days, at our little AMC Theatre. I have seen it about 7 times. WHY? It was spooky, jump scares were timed right, and excuse me, when a grown man grabs his date and buries his face in her neck, over something on the screen, one that  just screams scaredy-cat and another nice to see a movie scare someone. Instead of bore them and make them walk out, INSIDIOUS kept horror fans glued to their seats. 
The story has been compared to many old favorites like Poltergeist, which is fine, another fine example of a movie, which was scary the first time we all saw that in the theatre (or those of us that were old enough to see it in theatres). This was another one that I really enjoyed watching and experiencing with 75 of my closest horror friends.

1.    Renfield 10/10
Comic book Renfield character comes to life. Dracula’s servant was already driven insane, but this new twist on Renfield storyline. This time Renfield was in control and had stolen something, that the bride of Dracula wanted back.

 I loved the special effects, the make-up, the actors and their TEETH. Not your typical fangs, actually the vampire teeth were similar at times with what we saw in Stake Land. Teeth not important to some, but it’s the little details that I pick up on, that sometimes makes the world of difference in how I see a movie.

 Renfield was funny, SUPER UBER GORY and his laugh was infectious and charming. The behind the scenes on the making of the movie was another plus. See how the actors were working with a green screen and then how they added the scenes electronically…RENFIELD was cool!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ding Dong Dead (2011)

Director: Creep Creepersin
Writer: Creep Creepersin
Stars: Luke Y. Thompson, Julia Boyd and Nicole Sienna
DVD Distributor: MVD Visual (June 2011)
Rating: NR- language, violence.
Reviewed by: Char Hardin
Category: Horror-Comedy

“You wanted a war…”

Lovely ladies of the night roaming through the neighborhoods not looking for a bite or some guy named “John”. No, these sexy ladies are a gang, known as THE DING DONG DITCHERS. Get your mind off the snack cake aisle and out of the gutter, DDD ring your doorbells and then the fun begins.

Well, this could get old if all the ladies did was ring the doorbell and “ditch” or run off. What fun is there in that? A few giggles maybe, but nothing more. In the night scenes with the ladies, you see them dressed all in black or actually you may only see the their shoes and heads as headlights capture their likenesses as the ring and run, back and forth they go and the whole time a sort of catchy jingle is playing, and then they ring Doug’s bell.

“You got one!”
Doug doesn’t like the ringing Ding Dongers and goes a little overboard when one hit him…he strikes back with deadly force. I know this is classified as Horror and but it comes off very comical and I couldn’t stop laughing. The women for all their coolness and prowess can’t escape a man with the many tools, he has at his disposal.

Doug also had an attraction to the lovely MILF Claudia, He makes claims he can’t back up, when he finds the DDD have infested her home. His departure may look like defeat but do not let this fool you, Doug has a plan.

 If you want to watch a funny horror comedy, look for Creep Creepersin’s DING DONG DEAD!  Luke Y. Thompson’s portrayal of Doug is spot on and the seemingly goofy aloofness of Doug makes the viewer, sympathize with him from the beginning scene where an early more phone call leaves him frustrated. He handles the phone call better than most, where I personally would have been cussing and fussing; his mild reaction was noted and told me a little bit about his character. Later when the “incident” with one of the DDD happens, the first assumptions of a mild mannered push-over is altered. Doug is a force of a reckoning.

This is the perfect movie to watch, if you had a bad day at work or chasing kids around the house. Give Creep Creepersin’s DING DONG DEAD look…might just tickle your funny bone. IF not this review comes with a shovel…refer to movie on how to take me out. Just know bullets are faster than swingers. J