Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Short Film Review Date Night

Director: Jason Fragale
Writers: Jason Fragale
Stars: Erin Cline and David Fuit
Reviewed by Char Hardin
Short – Dark Horror Comedy
4 Out of 5

“Love means never having to say, you’re sorry.”

A young woman receives a phone call from girl-friend asking, if she would like go out with her and her date. The woman declines and her friend complains how she never goes out on weekends. She doesn’t want to feel like a third wheel.  

She (which is the only name given to Erin Cline’s character) leafs through a magazine; then decides to make popcorn. It is what happens next, that sets the stage for the crazy topsy-turvey events.

She finds sitting on her couch a handsome looking man, has literally materialized out of thin air. She is immediately alarmed on who this intruder is and how he entered her home without her hearing him or being invited. She goes through a battery of questions and HE (David  Fuit) just sits and smiles. This is unnerving to She and then He starts belting out these lines, which take her by surprise.

“You are so beautiful. It seems right now, all that I’ve done in my life is making my way to you.”

This disarms her and She melts. She makes a dash for the bathroom applies some cosmetics puts on a sexy red dress and re-enters the room, where he has poured wine and cooked? Is this guy for real? Too good to be true? She and He enjoy their impromptu date night with all things leading to a night of passion in her bedroom.

The morning after her date night…I will stop here.

I liked this short. I have given you the basics of what has occurred up until the morning, but what I have given is just words to fully appreciate this dark beauty, you must see what lead up to Erin’s character meeting David’s and then all the pieces fall into place so neatly. There isn’t much dialogue, but that is fine, you get the gist by watching. I enjoyed watching it all unfold. My only complaint on this short film…names, makes it hard to right a review with He and She, other than that minor detail…I loved DATE NIGHT and if you are at the festival it is playing…do stop and watch it.

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