Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review Mark of the Seer

Author: Jenna Kay
Category: Young Adult Fantasy
Reviewed by: Char Hardin

4 Out of 5

 “Clarity, you are part of something big.”

Clarity Miller is a small town teenager who is: in love with a high school jock, graduating, going away to college, enjoying life with friends and relating issues with her aunt whom she has lived with since, the deaths of her parents. Her life is as normal as it can be for a teenager and yet, she is on the verge of change and it all started the day she met Sam.

Whenever Sam is around, the air is scented with lavender and funny…only Clarity sees him. Sam is no ordinary boy…he is her guardian angel and he has come to guide her into her new life…the life of a Seer. One who can see angels and demons? Clarity thinks he is crazy until she awoke from a bizarre dream that had left her hands marked with heavenly designs. Caught between normal and something otherworldly, Clarity must decide which lifestyle she wanted and to make her decision harder…the forces of darkness come to town. Chaos, pain and suffering are unleashed and Clarity must choose.

I loved this story! The explosion of interest with the Twilight books has given new life to the young adult selection at bookstores everywhere! Once a boring section where Disney and Nickelodeon Live-Action characters donned the covers of chapter books and classics were pushed and the old standby authors of our youth R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary were top selections. Gone are those boring aisles of kiddie books, boring young adult fodder, now they are littered with a myriad selection of authors and with fabulous book covers and the stories…OH MY GOSH…the stories are rich and inviting and ADDICTING!

MARK OF THE SEER is no different, from the first page, I was hooked and read it straight through in one sitting. Jenna Kay has crafted a story that reads just like every teenager that I have come in contact, or experienced with my own teenager daughter. The language and mannerisms were real and not forced or made up. Jenna makes you care about these kids and what they are going through, especially Clarity. The girl next door who can see Angels and Demons and she is spunky, yet tender and riled like a typical moody teen is spot on. Clarity is dealing with daily life, a bully, love, the thought of moving on with her life after graduation and those are a lot of emotions to handle plus being marked as a Seer and told evil is threatened by her. WHOA!

I am giving MARK OF THE SEER 4 out of 5. Why not 5? There were errors in spelling, grammatical and formatting that became a little distracting and slowed me down in the flow of reading. Jenna said this was her first novel and she has grown since and I am sure. All writers have an off moment.

I am a writer and I am sure there will be typos, when I post this…it happens to all of us. No one is immune from it…I recently read a novel by Nora Roberts and Fern Michaels with formatting and spelling errors…it happens to all writers.

 The errors in MARKED OF THE SEER were not major errors and they did not sway my feelings towards the story in any way, it was just notable in regards to how I scored of the review.

This is part of a series…that I look forward to reading more of from Jenna. Do I suggest this to other readers...YES! If you like Angels, young love, spunky characters and reality woven with celestial fantasy…you will enjoy MARK OF THE SEER as much as I did.

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Jenna Kay

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