Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Short Film Review Ten Dollar Cover

 Director: Charles “Bubba” Carr
Starring: Gabi Gould, Jeffrey Umberger and Susan Williams
Reviewed by: Char Hardin
Dances with Films Festival
Category: Short-Film: Comedy
(1-5): 3

“Pint-size smarty-pants takes mom out…wicked!”
Char Hardin

I loved the pint-size smarty-pants, Sandi. The daughter of washed up country star Ruby Mae Falls, has had enough of living in the shadow of her mother. Once Ruby Mae was the belle of country music, now she is a “faded rose” and trying to recapture her glory days. In the midst of this on-going comeback, is a little girl, Sandi. Sandi feels unwelcome and neglected and she decides to take matters into her own little hands.

This was a funny short. I am not big on narrative films, I usually like to see the actors talking instead of being told what they are doing and feeling…I liked to be shown. However, TEN DOLLAR COVER charmed the heck out of me and I didn’t miss the chatter of the characters. The language was little appalling coming from a little girl, but from how the character was raised, it can be overlooked.

For the most part, I am a horror film reviewer, but sometimes, I like to mix it up. TEN DOLLAR COVER was a refreshing change and funny in a dark sense of the word. Congratulations to the Director CharlesBubbaCarr, cast and crew, I enjoyed TEN DOLLAR COVER and wish you well in the DWF film festival.

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