Friday, June 15, 2012

Caesar and Otto's Deadly Christmas Premiere

Upper Left Paul Chomicki and Dave Campfield. Bottom Right Deron Miller

8:00 PM
June 30, 2012

In two weeks, a weekend of Horror and Excitement will kick off as the fan favorite celebrities will descend on Louisville for Thrills and Chills at FRIGHT NIGHT FILM FESTIVAL. June 30-July 1st all weekend long! Are the residents of Louisville prepared for the Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, or the Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell or my favorite Devil’s Reject Sid Haig? They have two weeks to get it together.

Left Jen Nikolause, Center Paul Chomicki and right Dave Campfield

One of the films premiering this year is the return of Caesar and Otto in their third movie, Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Christmas directed by Dave Campfield and written by Dave Campfield and co-writer/producer Joe Randazzo.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Campfield the director and writer of the Caesar and Otto films. To hear Dave’s interview, click here. Dave gave insight to the making of the film, Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Christmas. Also coming up next from Dave is The Perfect Candidate starring Joe Estevez.  
Joe Randazzo

Co-writer and producer for Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Christmas Joe Randazzo is an award winning screenwriter, who is also executive producer for the upcoming Troma Heavy Metal Musical Mr. Bricks. His screenplay for The Ripper won seven awards and his screenplay co-written with director Stephen Gladstone, The Resurrection of Blake House has met with success on the Festival Circuit. Joe is proving that he can write both horror and comedy as he is the co-writer with Dave Campfield for Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Christmas and upcoming The Perfect Candidate. To hear my most recent interview with Joe, click here.

Deron Miller and Linnea Quigley

Christmas is less than six months away, but will be here before you know it. So Caesar and Otto are employed with Xmas Enterprises and have run into a little problem. It seems a disgruntled Santa(employee) has a new list this year…instead of checking who’s Naughty or Nice…he has Who’s Next on the Kill List. That’s right Santa is on a Killing Spree and looks to blame Caesar and Otto!

Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Christmas has the all-stars of B movie fandom with “Sleepaway Camp” Felissa Rose, “Return of the Living Dead” Linnea Quigley, “Tromeo and Juliet” Debbie Rochon, Troma CEO and creator of "Toxic Advenger" Lloyd Kaufman, “Haunting Fear” Brinke Stevens, “Soul Taker” Joe Estevez and World Under Blood front man Deron Miller.

Left to right Samantha Barrios, Ken MacFarlane, Dave Campfield and Paul Chomicki

Joining the All-Stars the New Blood of Indie Horror Paul Chomicki, Ken MacFarlane, Summer Ferguson, and Samantha Barrios, four names that I am looking forward to talking to soon!

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