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Steven-Mark Glassner

Steven-Mark Glassner

I am Steven-Mark Glassner an artist from Long Island, New York. Over the years I have worked on a number of films and television show and worked with some amazing people but it was a hard road to get to the point that I’m at. When you think Long Island the first thing that pop’s in your head are the beaches and the Hampton houses. Where I lived it was more or less the ghetto. Still to this day when I am out and about I look around and see some people I went to school with on the side of the road just like the homeless people I’ve seen when I was younger. Just to think, if I did not clean up my act and focus on my art I would be joining the rest of them on the side of the road picking cans out of the garbage and spending my days hanging out in the back of the old movie theater.

When I was younger growing up, art was a secondary to me. Skateboarding and hanging out going to shows with the punk-rock crew was more important. This influenced me to start doing art. The first style I went through was very punk-rock/graffiti based filled with skulls and cross bones. Shortly after getting caught doing graffiti, running from the police with the skateboards, and the punk-rock life style had to come to a close, I had the biggest reality check and my life felt like it crumbled in. This one year depression hit me hard. Two of my good friends passed away from over-doses, another in a quad accident, my girlfriend broke up with me, my uncle passed, and my grandmother was in the hospital with the disease we all hate “cancer”. Before she passed away, she told me “I know what you are doing but don’t you ever give up your dreams. Keeping doing your artwork…” Still to this day I remember her words and live by them.

Burning Madness

 Since that day, I have not stopped drawing and painting. The first thing I drew was a Koi fish swimming around the kanji symbols for believe and dreams. Art I find now is more of a therapy. Instead of beating up my body on a skateboard I create something. From drawings, paintings, sculptures and even digital art, I am one who does not show emotions well and keep everything bottled up until I explode, which I have found the macabre style to suite me well. Always being a fan of abstract and horror I created “Abstract Envisage” a twisted world filled with stories and photographs from my travels and past. The biggest influences I have would be the relationships I have with some people in my life and the town I live in. There are sometimes I'm thinking, why I keep doing what I am doing, but my closet friends remind me why. Especially being a colorblind artist, I feel that my gift can inspire others. The people who I look up to and I consider my closest friends inspire me every day as well.

Dream Eater

Photographer/Filmmakers like Sean N. Ihne, C.R. Dingley, and Jeremiah Kipp always give me new ideas as well as a good advice about life. The two artists I always love to work with, Shay Cully and Tymothi Todero, always give me the drive to do better. I can’t forget the power couple that got me to focus on my craft especially in the macabre genre, Adam and LC Ginsberg of Twitch Twitch Productions. Working for them and having my art hang at the Macabre Fairs have been a blessing.

The Face of Time 

This is basically me in a nut shell. If you want to ask me questions and see more of my work you can go to:

The Sands of Time                     Heartache & Nightmares                        The Dead Father

Steven-Mark Glassner was suggested by
Jeremiah Kipp

The Storm

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