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Dark Lighters Podcast Prt 1 & 2

Part 1: Megan Jeannette Parker, Dennis Sharpe, Jana Boskey
and Andrew Katz

Part 2: Alexia Purdy and Linna Drehmel

To the Fans of these authors...these Men and Women ROCK!
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly site
Dark Light:
Megan Jeannette Parker
Dennis Sharpe
Jana Boskey!/profile.php?id=733978562&sk=info
Andrew Katz!/AndrewKatz.Author

Amanda Browning!/profile.php?id=1416040145&sk=info

Alexia Purdy!/alexia.purdy
Linna Drehmel!/linna.drehmel

Von Stultz - Dark Light Book Trailer-music.
Pat Benatar -Running with the Shadows of the Night(exit music prt 2)

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House of Flesh Manniquins DVD Release/Signing 2-25-12

Bill Oberst,Jr.

Marilyn Ghigliotti

Adjust the volume there is a crackling in the line. Adds to the creepy, lol.
Mini-podcast is come up next...Here you go...Press Play!

Party time in Burbank, California Saturday, 2/25/12. It was the DVD release/signing for Domiziano Cristopharo's House of Flesh Mannequins which stars Domiziano Arcangeli, Irena A. Hoffman, Giovanni Lombardo Radice.

The signing was at the Dark Delicacies Bookstore. The Only bookstore in the whole United States that caters to all books, novelty gifts of Horror. Owner Del Howitson is knowledgeable of his horror specialty and I had the opportunity to speak with him briefly before things got into full swing. 

Awesome, I able to talk to The "Creepy Guy" Bill Oberst,Jr. Mr. International Movie Star Domiziano "Domi" Arcangeli.
Co-writer/director Steve Oakley of 'Waiting for Dracula' and the sweet Marilyn Ghighotti of 'Clerks' and 'Alien Armageddon' and wait to you hear what she says about THAT. :) I appreciate Matt Chassin for giving me the opportunity to attend the event via Skype via cell phone. Sounded like the store was filling up. Sorry I missed the beautiful sweet Dawna Lee Heising...but blessed and thankful for whom I did .

There is a crackling, that I just couldn't work out. I tried, but it distorted to the point of sounding terrible. So just a little, not so bad you can't get passed it. Hopefully. ;)

Exclusive Pictures from that night.

Coming tomorrow 2-29-12!

Marilyn Ghigliotti and Bill Oberst Jr.

Irena Hoffman

Domiziano Arcangeli, Berna Roberts and Jeff Leroy

Khira Thomas, Domiziano Arcangel, Jerred Berg, Irena Hoffman and Patrizia Milano

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Audio Review: ALISTAIR

Char Hardin reviews the Horror Short Film ALISTAIR from Director/Writer Aaron Cartwright. Breaking and Entering proves a deadly combination from a house with paranormal tendencies. Stars: Aaron Cartwright, Adam Morgan & Holly Myers. "Spooky fun equals Night Light for weeks!"

5 out of 5 Awesome!!

Alistair…did what horror should do…it scared me!”

Char Hardin

Alistair is a short horror film from the mind of Aaron Cartwright and what a dark and devious one indeed. Alistair did to me what horror should do…scared me! Horror is a favorite genre, because the films I enjoy watching are Exorcist, The House on Haunted Hill, and The Amityville Horror…all of these movies disturbed, thrilled and yes scared me. Then why watch something that does? Because, I like being scared while watching a horror film, it adds a little something to the viewing pleasure. I like that feeling when a story is building suspense that I am cringing from the music and pushing back in my seat as my heart begins to pound and then the monster or ghost flashes the screen and I scream or hide my face…that is like a rush only felt on the descent of a roller coaster ride…to me that is horror…what a rush! I challenge all horror filmmakers, to scare me and that is what Aaron Cartwright did with his short film Alistair.

A man and woman enter a darkened home with the intent to rob and harm anyone who gets in the way. The woman prior to entering the home seemed anxious and hoped someone would awaken so harm could be delivered. Once inside the home is silent and the two thieves separate and the viewer is drawn in with each step that takes the man and woman deeper into the rooms and in the corners there are shadows that move and rush forward only to melt back into the darkened corners. Something moved and caught the wandering eye of the man and he followed it to a door that opens to stairs that lead down below to the basement. What awaits the man is not darkness or treasures, but…something vicious and playful. It is only a matter of time…a short matter of time that the woman too is at the bottom of the stairs. She took quite a tumble down…as she looks up at the top of the stairs there is a man and woman the apparent owners of the house. The door shuts and the screams start anew. Who is in the basement with the thieves…or what is in the basement…I know…but in order for you the reader to know…you must experience Alistair for yourselves. Alistair has been on the festival circuits…if it is playing a film festival you are attending…SEE IT and EXPERIENCE ALISTAIR!

This short film was dark and the shadows that moved were creepy but the face of Alistair was scarier and the jump scares were many. I confess I jumped at each one. I was so drawn into that house that I didn’t see the jumps coming…which is hard to do with someone who reviews horror films. Reviewers have seen and heard it all and I am slightly embarrassed to say…I didn’t see them coming. Filmmakers strive to create spooky tension and creepy sets and cast actors who can convey the terror that is evident in the storyline and then you throw in the special effects make-up artists and put all these elements together and you have horror film magic.

Alistair was too short…this is the type of story that is screaming feature film material. I would love to see this story drawn out into an hour and half or go for the gusto two hours…I could get behind that and would absolutely pay the current movie prices to see Alistair on the big screen or DVD. I think it would do well in the theatres though based on this short film. With success of the Paranormal Activity films and Insidious, horror fans are craving something more in the theatres. The majority of horror films go straight to DVD and that is good and all but what about the fans that enjoy seeing these films on the big screen in a movie theatre? I believe Alistair has the power to bring in the Insidious and Paranormal Activity fans to enjoy the story of Alistair. It would be my sincerest wish for Alistair to be made into a theatrical feature film, because it deserves it based on story, action, acting, SFX make-up, sound and direction. It’s scary and good.

Okay, Aaron Cartwright, you have my attention…I want to see more of what you can do within the horror genre. What is next? Where do you go from here?


Audio Review: DOWN UNDER

Char Hardin reviews:  "Down Under"
A Young girl is tortured based on actual events in Austrailia. 4 out of 5. Good film!
Director/Writer Ray Arthur Wang, titled "Down Under". Mostly shot in 3-D with parts using 35mm film called a "Cubic Film".
Music from the soundtrack composed by Ray Arthur Wang found on youtube:Ravens, Rabbits, and Goblins

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Interview: One-on-One Char with Maude Michaud's been almost a year, since I last spoke with my friend and the co-host of some of last year's Girls Nights Out...Maude Michaud. So, when the chance presented itself, to get together and catch up, we took it and it was a great conversation only thing, we could have gone longer, but my daughter's evening ended early, so we said our goodbyes and ended with an idea for another show. :) I hope you will enjoy listening to this remarkable young woman tell of all that has been happening to her in career.
Maude is fabulous and I am so happy for her and her successes!

Maude Michaud's Bumper Above.  Player won't cooperate? Click Here! 

One-on-One with Char and Maude Michaud

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Maude Michaud!/maudemichaud

Women in Horror

Red Teaser Trailer

Music on the Interview The Sisters of Mercy (Maude's fave band)

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Book Review: Dark Light: First Boy

First Boy by Dennis Sharpe pages 25-52



For the authors included in this HIGHLY anticipated anthology, I say congratulations on making the book. I am one of the authors and am honored to be counted amongst them. My first review from the book, I have chosen is by Paducah, Kentucky author Dennis Sharpe, “First Boy”.

Deputy Matthew Burroughs is late arriving to an abandoned house, where reports of unsupervised children inhabit. The deputy fresh from an accident, is anxious to get home, to a troubled and worried wife and wishes to access the situation and get it taken care of and get home to his wife. Nothing is ever easy and this would be a very short story and boring one at that. Let me make myself clear, this story doesn’t end here and it is FAR from Boring!

Back to Deputy Burroughs
From the moment he enters the dilapidated house, the story takes a twist. Deputy Matthew Burroughs encounters two small children, a wildly imaginative tale, the sense of not being alone and a monster, like he had never been exposed. For all his training as a police officer nothing prepared him for the events that took place in that house or how the circumstances he found himself in would change more than one person’s life.

I was enthralled with this short story. One key element in fiction writing for me is setting the scenes. Now, I am a film reviewer for most parts and I say, “Setting the scenes”, that can mean novels as well, ha-ha.  I love when an author can describe with the minimal of descriptions and Dennis Sharpe has done so with “First Boy”. He added just enough creepiness to set the reader on edge and showed just enough description, to have the reader visualize what and where the story was going.  I am not a fan of overly describing something to the point, I…the reader, forgets where the starting point was and where it was going.  Plus, with a horror or mystery suspense plot less is plenty. The author wants the reader to pick up clues as the plot unfolds and in the case of “First Boy”, this author did very well in disguising subtle hints that carried the reader from point A to point B.

For my novel reviews, I use a 1-5 rating scale. What does this mean? It means I look at Characters, Plot, Description, Grammar, and Feelings (How I felt when reading, moved, sad, excited, bored, etc.).  For short stories I do the good old fashioned Thumb Up, Down, Two Thumbs Up.

My rating for Dennis Sharpe’s, “First Boy” is a Thumb Up! Look for Dennis Sharpe in the new Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly anthology, Dark Light out February 29th. Good and Creepy!

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Char Interviews Dark Light Authors

 Just click on the picture will take you to the Interview Podcast!!!

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Interview: Char & Melanie Robel One-on-One 2-19-12

Here is the Bumper from Melanie Robel. IF the player doesn't work for you, click HERE.

 I have been extremely blessed with the ladies of Horror, allowing me, to interview them and post their interviews here on my blog. And they continue to speak to me the day after, ha-ha. Melanie Robel is a special treat. I have enjoyed my research of this talented lady and hope YOU her fans and the followers of my blog enjoy our conversation. Whether she is a Blonde, Brunette, Pink or a Rockin' Red Head, this beautiful actress, Melanie Robel shines no matter the hair color or the role. So slip into something more comfortable, let down you hair, kick back and turn down the lights and enjoy Melanie Robel's One-on-One Interview with me.

The Interview

If the player will not cooperate for you, click HERE!


Melanie Robel
Disciples ImDb page
Disciples Facebook
Post Mortem America 2021 IMDb page
Post Mortem America 2021 Facebook
Le Fleur de Mai IMDb Page

Devin Coffin

Electric Barberellas - Night Mode
Jeffree Star - Prisoner

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Guest Review by Mike McLarty

Jim Beaver and Charlie Brown, with their love of the cinema, have inspired me to offer up my own effort at pointing out lesser known films that I think have significant merit. I'll make the first (and this will be an infrequent thing) attempt with THE LAST SEDUCTION.

Logline: A devious sexpot steals her husband's drug money and hides out in a small town where she meets the perfect dupe for her next scheme.

Why this film isn't on more "greatest" lists escapes me. From the opening frame to the fade out, a sense of tension hangs heavily in the air like the smoke from an ephemeral hookah that the props manager just took off the stage. Linda Fiorentino is the ultimate noir villain, using her seething sexuality like a razor-honed assassin's stilleto on her hapless male patsies. I would put her performance, and malevolence, on par with the superb TRAINING DAY and Denzel Washington's character. If you enjoy a great psychological thriller with explicit, but never gratuitous, violence and voluptuousness, check this one out.
Directed by John Dahl. With Linda Fiorentino, Peter Berg, Bill Pullman, Michael Raysses. A devious sexpot steals her husband's drug money and hides out in a small town where she meets the perfect dupe for her next scheme
About Mike McLarty (taken from his facebook page)
Just a dude. I write. My wife and kids are the planet the satellite of my soul revolves around. I have many faults and a few positive qualities that hopefully balance them out.

Look For MIKE McLARTY on Twitter :  @typingschmuck...You tell him Char sent you!

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Full Moon Fever: My Adventures at Best Buy

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Music Video Review: NIGHTWATCH

Directed By Neil Kellen and Lewis D. Chaney
Stars: Mina Fedora, Larissa Ross, Rusty James, Derek Mullins, Seth Cheek, Cindy Maples and Megan (Jones) McGregor
Reviewed by Char Hardin
Music Video - Horror
5 out of  5

I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing a music video and I was a little baffled, how to do it justice. I am honored, I was asked and I looked at it, like I would any short film frame by frame. The song is called NIGHTWATCH and is a really spooky. First off let me say, I HIGHLY recommend you look for this video. It is playing on Dread Central and on youtube . Look for it!

I recognized some people straight away from Big Biting Pig Productions, THE WIDOW, and it being my favorite, starring Cindy Maples and husband Rusty James. Rusty plays a knife-wielding murderer in this slasher/haunted house video, who’s being haunted by the beautiful Mina Fedora, (the red head singing). There was one scene in the shower that caused me to giggle, as I recalled a story his wife Cindy Maples told during an interview last year about a real ghostly shower visitor. Giggles aside the scene was steamy and yet modestly shot. The video was shot in the Maples-Fischer House. Cindy has said, that her husband has felt stirrings of ghostly nature and heard sounds. It is wickedly cool, that the video with a ghost theme was chosen  to be filmed in the Maples-Fischer House.
Mina Fedora

Back to the video, a woman escapes the house and lives, while inside a ghost is avenging her own death. Secrets are revealed at the conclusion of the video that tied up the story of NIGHTWATCH beautifully.  The story flows as Mina sings and is never choppy or disjointed it is a short film set to music and this reviewer was pleased with the outcome and introduced to a new female artist.  Look for Mina Fedora in NIGHTWATCH, it’s SPOOKY and it’s CREEPY and all together a WICKED good video.

Mina Fedora

Char Hardin with Andrew Roth

If the player will not cooperate, click HERE.


Andrew Roth

Skeleton Films :  and  on facebook :
48 Hours in Purgatory :

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Andrew Roth Bumper

Interview will post Tuesday, Feb 7th

If the player will not work for you click, HERE.

Char's Midnight Whispers Interview: Steven Gladstone & Joe Randazzo Prt.3.

The conclusion of my HUGE interview with two wild and crazy guys. THE EXTREMELY Comical Mr. Badass Representing Brooklyn like no one else can Filmmaker STEVEN GLADSTONE and the "I don't care what Joe says" Sexy Head-Banging Rocker Screenwriter/Producer JOE RANDAZZO. OMG! I had a blast listening to what these two talented men had to say. From courtesans, films, decline in Hollywood, mainstream disappointments, their work, all the way to Joe wanting to hear about my days at the radio station. My answer was my favorite Pantera Song.

We had a journey...yeah it was 3 hours long and most people would not have let it go on that long,but I was living it with them and they made the time fly. Joe has repeatedly said I lost control...but I gave them freedom and they shared and I listened and loved each second, minute and hour. I hope you who listen will give them some segments of 1, 2, 3.  Thank You for all of YOU, who continue to read and listen. This is as close to Entertainment Tonight, as I will most likely ever get and personally...I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China. I have plenty of tea as it is already. :) Char

If this player doesn't work for you click HERE.

Char's Midnight Whispers Interview: Steven Gladstone & Joe Randazzo Prt.2.

If the player doesn't work for you click HERE.

Part 3 will air Monday evening. Thank you for listening.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Short Film Review FAMILIAR

Director: Richard Powell
Writers: Richard Powell
Stars: Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza and Cathyrn Hostick
Reviewed by Char Hardin
Short - Horror
3 Out of 5

“Don’t think…Give me control...Now!”

Last year Fatal Pictures’ Richard Powell along with Producer Zach Green gave festival goers something to talk about…Geoffrey Dodd, a disenchanted school teacher with dark fantasies, in which he entertained thoughts of mirth tinged in wickedness, lust for a female student old enough to be his daughter and annihilating his class with a killer inner monologue. Its 2012 what bone have the fellows at FATAL PICTURES thrown us reviewers? The answer is a whole new character from the family DODD.

John Dodd relative to Geoffrey (WORM) Dodd is having a mid-life crisis and there is something familiar with this character, he like Geoffrey is not alone in his dialogue. Where Geoffrey was consumed with his inner rage at his life…John has something whispering to his psyche and this inner voice wants to control John and take over the host in which it is living. John immersed in his own self-making hell, is oblivious to the evil’s true intent, it no longer wants to advise him, it wants total control. John’s family life is the perfect situation for the inner entity.

John has for years looked forward to the time, his daughter will have flown the coop and his life could go back to the way it was before without any commitments. For all intents purposes, it’s as if he just wants to chuck his family and be left alone in his life. An unexpected announcement sends John into a tizzy, when he learns his middle-age wife is expecting a child…his child and all his plans of freedom from fatherhood fly right out the window. Resentment and anger consume his soul and push him into a most grievous and cruel act. It is after some Internet research, he finds his answer and purchases it. The product is a success, only instead of ridding John of his problem; it creates another that drives him to distraction and multiple pills for his deeply depressed wife. With each new development, John slips further inside himself, and the inner voice gets stronger and begins to push against his fleshy confines, to break free from the body that is imprisoning him. John is ultimately pushed to his limits, when the voice becomes stronger and more demanding and rears its ugliness up in a manner that terrifies a John. The climatic ending is horrifying and very disturbing.

I was a fan of the first Dodd story revolving around Geoffrey Dodd in WORM. Its tension building was phenomenal and disturbing and yet whimsical in a manner that, when the final moment came…it left me mad that time was up. With WORM, I wanted it to continue and see where the night would take Geoffrey Dodd, after spending the day with him at his job as a school teacher. In the story of John Dodd…I didn’t feel that same excitement or edge of my seat thrill that I did with the first one.

I am not saying the film was terrible, because it was not. It was good and Robert Nolan was amazing. As with Geoffrey Dodd, his portrayal of John was convincing and lacked nothing. He channeled the inner voice and his facial expressions were tight and everything he was thinking was clearly showcased on his face. From the time the film starts with him talking from his bed to the morning rituals of getting dressed and relaying to the viewer just how he felt about his wife, daughter and his world, I fell in love with Roberts’ performance all over again. His voice is quiet and builds in sternness and eventually to madness and ultimately terrified. His transitioning was timed perfectly. He made it look easy and gave madness a look of normalcy laced with a sardonic humor. Robert keeps the viewer glued to the screen. I am not taking away from the performance of his wife, Charlotte played by Astrida Auza and his daughter Jordan played by Cathryn Hostick. Both these women were good with their parts.

The women in his life wife and daughter from the beginning are painted as a thorn of disappointment and John goes so far, as to compare Jordan to a parasite living off her host/parents. They are immediately made to look bad in the eyes of the viewer, because the sympathy is all focused on John and his “woe is me” life, but this in no way takes away from their abilities, as far as acting is concerned. They did very well.  John is just the main character and I really enjoy watching Robert Nolan in film.

Prior to watching FAMILIAR, recently I was awarded the opportunity to see him in a comedy opposite Paul Nichols in RESTAURANT ETTIQUETTE and he was hysterical. His timing combined with a dry sense of humor is a scream! In FAMILIAR he carries that same sense of humor up a notch with wickedness and I look forward to many more films with Robert Nolan.

As for FAMILIAR, I liked it and I would recommend it to festival goers, when it hits the circuit, to see it. Writing is good, the dialogue witty and maniacal. There is a point in the movie where gore comes into place and it was bloody quite bloody and the visuals surrounding the scene were disturbing but the not what I expected and in at that moment I was a little disappointed. To say why would be a spoiler and I do not want to spoil that particular part, because it is a pinnacle scene. For me I was disappointed in the tension and anticipation I felt in WORM was lacking in FAMILIAR, but overall the acting was exceptional and realistically delivered. I am giving FAMILIAR 3.5 out of 5.

Robert Nolan…more…I want to see more of you in 2012.



Director: Marc Roussel
Writers: Marc Roussel, Mark Thibodeau
Stars: Alex Appel, Adrian Argento, Ron Basch
Reviewed by Char Hardin
Action – Drama – Musical
5 Out of 5

“The BEST stories are the ones you keep in your Heart.”

This is the sweetest story…HOLD…IT…STOP…RIGHT…HERE! Did Char say, “This is the sweetest story? A HORROR film reviewer said…sweetest?

 I sure the hell did! I have watched it over and over…a sure sign that I loved it and cannot find anything negative or offer up any form of criticism to the filmmaker and his cast and crew…that is how much this HORROR film reviewer loved THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS! Yes, I normally review blood, guts and all things horror, but sometimes it is refreshing to see another genre and this one is dubbed a musical by, but it is also a drama and it is set during the 1930’s one of my favorite time periods. When men dressed like men and didn’t have their jeans dragging the ground or the seat of their pants down past their knees, when women were ladies and wore their hair like the silent film star Mary Pickford, and the MUSIC, oh how I love the music, from the 30’s: Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, BILLIE HOLLIDAY were my favorites. The ‘30s was when the Great Depression kicked off a downturn for the United States that left the nation devastated on into the ‘40s. With that said, how could the ‘30s be a favorite time, when it was not a favored time for the people living it…it was the music and the fashion and the movies that caught my fancy. THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS falls takes the viewer back and this viewer says…take me away “Sweetheart”.

What in the world could this film be about with the title, THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS? Well, it is about a nightclub and some of the characters who worked there at the Sweet Hippo. The film starts in modern day color with a young woman (Haley Shannon) visiting with her Grandmother (Amanda Smith) Suzette, who is deaf. As the story unfolds we learn she was born deaf but she has a story to tell…how when she was a young woman about the age of her granddaughter, she worked at the Sweet Hippo as a cigarette girl. Her father a gambler had some debts and she was working them off by selling cigarettes/cigars to the gamblers and gangsters who inhabited the Sweet Hippo. It is while the grandmother is sharing her story through sign language that the color fades to black and white and we the viewer is transported back to the 1930’s and straight in to the welcome arms of the Sweet Hippo.

The story continues with how young Suzette became involved with the owner, Big Jack Montag (Ron Basch) and self proclaimed founding (funding) father of her town Big Pine. Roles change and we see how Suzette is being used. During a time when there weren’t any sexual harassment laws, how could I say this is “the sweetest story”, if she is being used by her boss and working to pay off her father’s debt? Enter Suitcase Sam.

One fine day amidst all the drama in her life and man arrived to play a little music and when he walked in the front door of the Sweet Hippo, Suzette went all starry-eyed and weak in the needs. Time speeds up and we see her and Suitcase Sam falling for each other and then…tragedy and THEN? You know, I won’t spoil the story! It is about to make the festival circuit in the spring and you can look for it then. Do I recommend this short and its filmmaker Marc Roussel and his cast: Ron Basch, Amanda Smith, Haley Shannon and rest of crew of THE SWEETEST HIPPOPTAMUS you darn tootin’ I do!  From start to finish, it is a classic work of art. The music was bluesy and swanky and the ending will leave a sweet smile on your face a touch a tender place in your heart. Congratulations Marc Roussel…THE SWEETEST HIPPOPTAMUS is PERFECT!

Wizard World Comic Con Continues...

Sean Patrick Flannery removes his leather jacket.
Norman Reedus being charming.
Laurie Lee was volunteering at the Wizard Comic Con and she was also taking pictures. So I told her, if she would like to share her photos on my blog, I would plug give her credit for her pictures. We traded cards and guess what? She is a filmmaker! I told her that was super cool and that we should get together and talk about her work. All her photos are linked to her Two Girl Productions facebook page.
Sean Patrick Flannery and Laurie Lee

When it came time to go, the ladies behind us were enraged that we got in front of them, charged the door and nearly knocked Joie to the ground. How rude! They weren't VIPand couldn’t get on the front row anyhow, they were on the second row where we sat. Big whoop! Yeah, had to throw that in here. I am sorry they were upset because we prissed passed them, while they had been waiting. I can see their point and probably would have felt the same way, but I would not have knocked anyone down, just to get a seat, but she has to live with that…I don’t. I stood aside and let her and her posse pass. I still got a great seat.
Good shot of David Della Rocco

The hour went quickly and the guys wanted to end with the Boondock Saints prayer and called out to Red Stripe to come to the table, she only knew half of the prayer and they called up another girl, strangely enough she was one of the women who charged Joie when we entered. Sharing the stage with Joie and the BDS, the young woman not only knew the prayer she lead them in saying it. Joie stood behind the BDS at their request. For those that weren’t half dead after the con, joined the BDS at the after party at the HamptonSuites. Joie and Char took our tired feet back to Baton Rouge. We had come to our first Wizard Comic Con and had seen who we wanted and soaked up all the atmosphere it awarded us. Would we go back…you bet. As we were leaving Joie and saw two stars of the WALKING DEAD show and I took their picture.

The Boondock Saint Prayer and Joie Dunham Parent behind Rocco.

Over all we had a good time, she got her BDS case signed and I met a few folks and fans and yeah, I would go back if asked. The interview podcast needs the finishing touches and I will post that as soon as I can. Thank you for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it and the pictures and the upcoming podcast. Thank YOU Wizard World Comic Con for the bracelets and the memories. To William ShatnerSORRY I MISSED YOU! To AdamBaldwin…you are the cutest in the bunch. ;) Yeah I just said that…it’s my blog! Stay tuned for the podcast up by Monday. --Char

WAIT…I forgot to tell you about the CAR! So the con is over and we are making the long trek back to the parking garage. FINALLY, get inside and take the elevator ride and now when the door opens I am SUPPOSED to see my shiny red GMC Acadia sitting there waiting for her weary passengers. NOPE…it’s not there! Char’s Baby is GONE! GONE! GONE! GONE! We step out and look and walk around and don’t see it. All my clothes and MAKE-UP are in that vehicle and it’s gone! Joie walk to the left and right of where it was supposed to be…nada it was gone. OH MY GOD! Just wasn’t strong enough and in the off chance a child does read this article, I will refrain for repeating what word was strong enough to convey my shock and frustration. Joie said call OnStar and I dug out my card out of my purse and called.

OnStar said all they could do was beep the horn. So I said beep that sucker. Nothing. I looked and in the space where my car should be was Handicap sign. I thought holy snotballs, I parked there and they towed me! But I don’t remember a Handicap sign when I parked that morning. Something fishy. So OnStar tried again and then I HEARD my baby honking. Joie walked over to the stairs and went down them…two levels below us on LEVEL 4 was my car right where I had parked it! Got back into the elevator dropped down two levels opened the door and there was my Red Acadia right where I had left it. I was right no handicap sign in front of it. From there we called Onstar to get us home and after a little complication getting the directions to load…we were on the road again back to Baton Rouge and we had one hell of a interview once we got back to the room.

Laurie Lee you sneaky lady...
looks like someone took a pic of me afterall!

Funny how it worked out...I was THE Woman in Black and Joie was Red Stripe. :)